Arts and Culture

Supported by Arts Council England, the Civic University Network team is exploring how universities identify, build and enhance mutually beneficial relationships with cultural institutions and their communities to maximise the civic impact of universities in their place.

Our Aims

Our work with Arts Council England aims to:

  • ensure that civic roles are informed by an evidence-based analysis of the relationship between universities and cultural institutions, developed with local partners and informed by the voices of both sectors and other allies
  • raise the profile of arts in Civic University Agreements
  • disseminate good practice which will accelerate the development of local partnerships and widen the reach of universities

Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the ongoing conversation or if you have a case study that you would like to share.

Civic Impact Framework

The Civic University Network team has developed a Civic Impact Framework which aims to enable universities to engage in conversations with colleagues and partners about what a truly civic university might look like and what the journey might involve.

Cultural contribution is one of the seven domains and key questions are:

  • How does our university celebrate and enrich the cultural life of our localities and communities?
  • How do we create a vibrant, creative and playful places?

Previous Events

Session recordings of previous events related to the Arts & Culture theme

19th June 2023 – Lights, camera, civic: Creative industries, film networks and HE

16th May 2023 – Exploration of Interdisciplinary Ideas in Arts & Culture

24th April 2023 – Transformation Arts & Culture and education sector partnerships

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