Estates, Facilities & Placemaking

This theme explores how universities can agree design, quality, environmental and accessibility standards, how they can work with local communities and planning authorities to ensure their estates meet the needs and aspirations of the community, and how they will review the use and development of their estates to ensure they support their civic mission.

Civic Impact Framework

The Civic University Network team has developed a Civic Impact Framework which aims to enable universities to engage in conversations with colleagues and partners about what a truly civic university might look like and what the journey might involve.

Estates, Facilities & Placemaking is one of the seven domains and key questions are:

  • How can our facilities be used for the benefit of the whole community
  • Do all members of the community feel welcome?
  • How do our facilities set the standard for placemaking and sustainability in our city or region?
  • How can our digital infrastructure benefit our communities?

Previous events

Session recordings of previous events related to the Estates, Facilities and Placemaking theme.

21 September 2021 – Showcase: Barton Hill Micro-Campus, University of Bristol

2 November 2020 – Universities’ role in ‘Levelling Up’ and Building Back Better