Queen Mary University of London is a large organisation rooted in place, always striving to be the best anchor institution it can be. Their Civic University Agreement brings together new and ongoing activity at Queen Mary to ensure the work meets the needs of neighbours and partners.

Queen Mary are proud of their place within east London, one of the most diverse, creative and fastest growing areas of the capital and the UK. As a longstanding neighbour to over two million residents, there are a multitude of ways in which Queen Mary works with and for its local people, communities and partners.

The five themes outlined in their Civic University Agreement are a result of this collaborative process and represent a strong, evidence-based foundation upon which they can build their civic purpose in the months and years ahead:

1. Inclusive place-making

Queen Mary will use their expertise as an anchor institution to champion local agendas, bring together others seeking to strengthen communities of place, and represent the needs of east London on a national and international stage.

2. A healthy and sustainable future

Queen Mary has a vital role to play in protecting the future health and environmental sustainability of east London – from the health inequalities facing local residents, to the quality of the air we breathe.

3. Pathways for life

As a major employer and education provider in east London, Queen Mary has an important role to play in improving the life chances of our neighbours. Social divides – such as wealth inequality and uneven access to new digital technologies – affect future life chances in east London.

4. A cultural hub for east London

East London is home to a rich arts and cultural sector, alongside strong networks of community and voluntary organisations. Queen Mary seeks to add value to this creative and cultural infrastructure, ensuing that arts and culture are accessible for all.

5. Enabling civic practice

The Civic University Agreement builds upon a history of civic and community engagement at Queen Mary, but their future place-based commitments cannot be achieved in isolation.

You can read the full press release and view case studies on the Queen Mary University of London website here.

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“We are delighted to have launched Queen Mary’s Civic University Agreement. Building on our long tradition of work with local communities and partners, our agreement formalizes our commitment to maximizing our place-based impact in East London. We are proud to be partner members of the Civic University Network and have greatly benefitted from its work in developing and sharing good civic practice across the UK – and we look forward to continuing to do so as we further extend and deepen our civic work.” – Professor Alison Blunt, Deputy Vice-Principal for Impact (Culture, Civic & Community) at Queen Mary University of London