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Welcome to the NCIA Debate Stage, where ideas ignite and perspectives converge.

Providing commentary, opinion and debate on the issues that matter to everyone involved in the civic university movement.

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Welcome to our new series of blogs amplifying the voices shaping the future of civic universities and the places they call home.

Our new NCIA Debate Stage is the platform for a range of opinions, views and commentary on the UK’s civic university movement, designed to spark dialogues that illuminate the contribution that universities and other anchor institutions can make to the places they call home, and debate solutions to the challenges they face on their journey.

The NCIA Debate Stage features insights from a diverse range of thought leaders and change-makers at the forefront of the civic university movement. While the views expressed are those of the authors and may not necessarily reflect the official position of the Civic University Network or National Civic Impact Accelerator programme, they are intended to stimulate meaningful discussions and inspire fresh perspectives on how universities can deepen their civic impact.

Do you have a civic story to tell, or an idea to maximise the impact of place-based collaboration? Get in touch to contribute to this new series!

Adam Leach, NCIA Programme Director

Engaged universities and intelligent city/regions

June 12, 2024|

In recent years, universities in Europe, North America and Australasia have begun to engage more effectively and collaboratively with local partners in the cities and regions in which they are located. Larger and more ...

Tackling the loss of trust in the HE sector

June 10, 2024|

How universities can rebuild trust with their local communities, and the wider public, by becoming members of civic alliances “Everyone hates us!” he said. I had just come to the end of a meeting ...