Privacy Policy


The Civic University Network is led by Sheffield Hallam University and its Partners.

Transparency is a key element of data protection legislation and this Privacy Notice is designed to inform you:

  • how and why the Sheffield Hallam University uses your personal data,
  • what your rights are in relation to the use of your personal data, and,
  • how to contact us so that you can exercise those rights.

Data Subject Rights

Data protection legislation gives you the following rights:

  • The right to be informed
  • The right of access
  • The right to rectification
  • The right to erase
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object
  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

For more information about these rights please see the further information on our website and the Contact Us section at the end of this Privacy Notice.

Why are we processing your personal data?

It is necessary for Sheffield Hallam University to process your personal data in order to fulfil all aspects of our contract with you:

  • To provide you with access to the Civic University Network Members’ Area
  • To provide the functions of the Civic University Network Members’ Area to you
  • To contact you, answer your questions and/or provide requested information or advice
  • To send service information relating to the Civic University Network Members’ Area to you, to correspond with you, and for you to be able to correspond with other users via the Civic University Network Members’ Area
  • For you to be able to contact and/or share your details with other users of the Civic University Network Members’ Area
  • To apply and enforce our standards, the terms of this statement and our terms of use
  • To tell you about any changes to this statement or our terms of use

It is necessary for Sheffield Hallam University to process your personal data in order to meet our public tasks or for a task carried out in the public interest (learning and teaching, research, knowledge transfer)

  • To undertake research, generate knowledge, share practices and share experiences on how universities in the United Kingdom can and do support their local communities and embed their aspirations to support their local economy and society.
  • To enable members of the Civic University Network to collaborate, debate, plan, share and implement Civic University Agreements
  • To undertake research, generate reports and share information in response to the UPP Foundation Civic University Commission, and with other interested parties such as local and central government bodies or agencies on the civic role of universities in the United Kingdom

It is necessary for the University to process your personal data in order to comply with legal obligations

  • To generate and share progress reports about the Civic University Network with our Funders, including the use of and engagement with the Civic University Network, for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating the impact of the Civic University Network

There are also a number of legitimate business purposes for which Sheffield Hallam University processes your data

  • To enable administration, such as establishing, amending, closing or renewing your user profile for the Civic University Network Digital Platform
  • To deal with any complaints or queries relating to your use of the Civic University Network Members’ Area
  • To perform data analysis to improve the efficiency of the Civic University Network Members’ Area
  • To identify trends in the use of the Civic University Network Digital Platform in order to target our promotional campaigns to the needs and interests of users

We will seek your consent for the following purposes

  • To share information about any dietary requirements you may have with our Partners or organisers of events you have registered to attend
  • To share information about any accessibility requirements you may have with our Partners or organisers of events you have registered to attend
  • To create marketing and promotional materials for the Civic University Network website, Members’ Area or reports that include your personal data such as quotes, photographs and video footage.

Which personal data do we collect and use?

In order to provide our services we need to collect and use your personal data. Below is a list of what this may include:

* Denotes information which may contain data classified as sensitive personal data/special categories of personal data under the GDPR and as such is subject to a greater level of control and protection.

^ Denotes information which you provide on a voluntary basis or where you are given the option of “prefer not to say” or “information refused”.

  • Names
  • Titles
  • Honorifics ^
  • Email addresses
  • Name of organisation of employment
  • Address of organisation of employment ^
  • Telephone number(s) ^
  • Photograph(s) and video image(s) ^
  • Gender/sex ^
  • Organisation of employment employee number ^
  • Working pattern ^
  • Profile information provided by members (such as biographies) ^
  • Social media usernames ^
  • The use of and engagement with the “Civic University Network” or any of its Products, services and events
  • Survey responses ^
  • Meeting notes or transcripts
  • Quotes, feedback or testimonials ^
  • Marketing and communication preferences
  • Dietary requirements *^
  • Accessibility requirements *^


In addition to the personal data detailed above, when you use the Civic University Network Members’ Area or Website, we may process and register your Internet Provider (IP) Address. Your IP address will be stored in a temporary log file. Additionally, we may use cookies and other technologies to ascertain which web pages are visited and for how often. A cookie is a small file that is sent along with pages of a website and stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies allow personal data to be stored or consulted so that you can be recognised if you visit the Website again. For more detailed information on our use of cookies and similar technologies, please see our Cookie Policy.

Who do we share your data with?

You should be aware that in order to provide our services we may need to share your personal or sensitive personal data within the organisation or outside Sheffield Hallam University. The privacy of your personal data is paramount and will not be disclosed unless there is a justified purpose for doing so.  Sheffield Hallam University NEVER sells personal data to third parties.

Your data may be shared with:

  • Sheffield Hallam University staff or individuals that we appoint to administer and/or analyse any comments you provide or information you create or upload to the Civic University Network Digital Platform, and to manage and administer our organisation and its operations.
  • Contractors and suppliers, where Sheffield Hallam University uses external services or has outsourced work which involves the use of personal data on our behalf, e.g. IT services and support, mailing services, confidential waste services. Sheffield Hallam University will ensure that appropriate contracts and/or data sharing agreements are in place and that the contractors and suppliers process personal data in accordance with the GDPR and other applicable legislation. If we need to transfer your personal information to another organisation for processing in countries that aren’t listed as ‘adequate’ by the European Commission, we’ll only do so if we have model contracts or other appropriate safeguards (protection) in place.
  • Government bodies and departments, in the UK and overseas, responsible for:
    • public funding
    • sponsorship
    • statistical analysis, monitoring and auditing
    • regulatory matters
  • Other Members of the Civic University Network, who you choose to share your contact details with and other information you may make available in the Civic University Network Digital Platform.
  • Our Partner Organisations, including the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement and The Young Foundation, with whom we provide jointly branded or resourced services or events, for the purposes of promoting, administering, researching, delivering and/or evaluating the services of the Civic University Network Digital Platform.
  • Our Funders, including the UPP Foundation, the Department for Education, Arts Council England and Carnegie UK Trust, for the purpose of monitoring the progress of the Civic University Network Programme.


Sheffield Hallam University takes a robust approach to protecting the information it holds. This includes the installation and use of technical measures including firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention tools on Sheffield Hallam University network and segregation of different types of device; the use of tools on University computers to detect and remove malicious software and regular assessment of the technical security of University systems. University staff monitor systems and respond to suspicious activity.  Sheffield Hallam University has Cyber Essentials certification.

Alongside these technical measures there are comprehensive and effective policies and processes in place to ensure that users and administrators of University information are aware of their obligations and responsibilities for the data they have access to. By default, people are only granted access to the information they require to perform their duties. Training is provided to new staff joining Sheffield Hallam University and existing staff have training and expert advice available if needed.


Information relating to you and your membership of the Civic University Network Members’ Area will be saved for as long as you remain a member. If you choose to leave the Civic University Network Members’ Area, you will have the option to delete all of your personal data immediately on deactivation of your account. If you choose not to delete your personal data, Sheffield Hallam University will delete all data associated with your profile within 12 months of the deactivation of your account.

Information relating to research you participate in will not be kept for longer than is necessary and is usually kept in an anonymised format. For all research, you will be provided with a participant information sheet which will provide further details of the retention period relating to that research project.

Contact Us

Please contact the Data Protection Officer if

  • you would like to request copies of your personal data held by Sheffield Hallam University (a subject access request)
  • you would like to exercise your other rights (e.g. to have inaccurate data rectified, to restrict or object to processing)
  • you have a query about how your data is used by Sheffield Hallam University
  • you would like to report a data security breach (e.g. if you think your personal data has been lost or disclosed inappropriately)
  • you would like to complain about how Sheffield Hallam University has used your personal data

Data Protection Officer
Governance Services
City Campus
Howard Street
S1 1WB

Telephone: 0114 225 5555

Further Information and Support

Please see more information about how Sheffield Hallam University uses personal data.

The Information Commissioner is the regulator for GDPR.  The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has a website with information and guidance for members of the public:

The Information Commissioner’s Office operates a telephone helpline, live chat facility and email enquiry service.  You can also report concerns online.  For more information please see the Contact Us page of their website: