Our programme of work

Civic universities impact their places and communities across a range of areas. From improving the health and wellbeing of their communities, or addressing social disparities, to supporting regional economic development, civic universities make a difference in a number of ways.

The Civic University Network has several thematic areas of work covering different domains of civic activity.

Our current priority areas

Health, Wellbeing & the NHS

Exploring the valuable relationship between universities & the NHS to maximise collective benefits to society & the economy.
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FE & HE Collaboration

Exploring the ways universities are working in partnership with Colleges within their place to drive up educational attainment and progression.
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Environment, Climate & Biodiversity

Exploring the importance of the relationship between universities and their civic partners in driving forward green recovery.
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Arts and Culture

Exploring the importance of the relationship between universities and the Arts and Culture Sector in their place.

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Funding Civic

Exploring how universities fund civic activities, as well as helping to identify barriers and blind spots in the system.

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Other thematic areas

Economic Impact

Supporting the role of universities to create more prosperous places and address and reduce economic inequality. 
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Social Impact

Supporting universities to bridge and reduce social divides and improve the quality of life in their communities.

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Institutional Strategy & Leadership

Examining universities’ top-level governance and strategies to ensure they reflect the civic commitment to make the difference they want to achieve.
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Estates, Facilities & Placemaking

Supporting universities’ facilities to be used for the benefit of the whole community, also setting the standard for placemaking and sustainability in their place.

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Get involved

Visit our resources section for guidance, support and toolkits to support your university’s journey to become more civic.

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