Civic Insights

‘Civic Insights’ provide perspectives and ideas, written by leaders in education, government and beyond, who are interested in ways to harness the civic mission of universities for positive social change. They aim to provide unique insights and inform thinking, drawing on the direct experience of those navigating today’s civic policy challenges, opportunities and practices, in order to help shape the development and deployment of civic-focused strategies within HE institutions.

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Our latest articles

‘Improving Local Prosperity’ – Written by Chris Millward, Director for Fair Access and Participation, The Office for Students

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Useful Resources

The Civic University and Coronavirus

Civic Universities: Responding to the economic and social consequences of the coronavirus [Report] Des McNulty (Glasgow University) and John Goddard (Newcastle University), August 2020

How young people can be supported during and after the global Covid-19 pandemic [Report], UPP Foundation, May 2020

A bold plan for research will guide choices in a post-Covid economy [Article], Beth Thomson, Wonkhe, May 2020

Universities need a new compact with society and these should be the priorities [Article], Karan Khemka and Parag Khanna, THE, May 2020

Beyond the Pandemic: the role of universities in shaping a better future [Article], Giles Carden and Lawrence Young, HEPI, May 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic: Universities and the Economic Recovery of Place, [Report], Dr Peter O’Brien, Yorkshire Universities, May 2020

The Role of Civic Universities in the Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond [Article], John Goddard, April 2020

Eight interventions for mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on higher education [Article], Sir Chris Husbands and Natalie Day, Sheffield Hallam, HEPI, March 2020

Building a truly civic response to the pandemic [Article], Richard Brabner, Wonkhe, March 2020

If any nation can lead on university civic engagement its Wales [Article], Kirsty Williams, THE, March 2020

How can universities increase their civic impact in the face of COVID-19? [Article], Nous Group, March 2020

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Member’s Area

Our Member’s area is a space to collaborate and learn from each other. You will find in-depth case studies and tools developed by our partners that you can apply to enhance your own civic journey

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Civic University Network Webinars

Launching the Civic University Network

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The Impact of Covid-19 on Civic Engagement

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Civic Universities and Inclusive Local Economic Growth

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Universities’ role in ‘Levelling Up’ and building back better

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Reimagining the role between universities and the NHS

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Improving local prosperity through pathways and participation

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School Trusts: A new form of Civic Structure

The Art of the Civic

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The power of place in research and innovation

R&D Place Advisory Group [Board established], Minister for Science speech, BEIS, 08/10/20

Universities and Colleges and the Industrial Strategy [report], Abigail Whitelely, Katy Hagin and Dan Wake, Industrial Strategy Council, Universities UK, 22/09/20

Research and innovation clusters [policy briefing], The Royal Society, 16/09/20

Place and the Industrial Strategy: A Changing Landscape [Article], Philip McCann (University of Sheffield), Industrial Strategy Council, 14/09/20

Levelling Up: Yorkshire and Humber: health as the new wealth post-COVID [Report], Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), the NHS Confederation and Yorkshire Universities, Published: July 2020

The Missing £4 Billion: Making R&D work for the whole UK [Report], Tom Forth and Richard Jones, Nesta, May 2020

A Resurgence of the Regions: rebuilding innovation capacity across the whole UK [Report], Richard Jones, University of Sheffield, May 2020

The power of place: Maximising local economic impacts of R&D investment in the UK [Report], CaSE (Campaign for Science and Engineering), May 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic: Universities and the Economic Recovery of Place [Report], Dr Peter O’Brien, Yorkshire Universities, May 2020

The civic university mission

The Civic University Commission:

Truly Civic [Final report], UPP Foundation, February 2020

A Tale of a Divided Britain [Report], UPP Foundation, Feb 2020

Making Universities Matter: How higher education can help to heal a divided Britain,[Report] Natalie Day, Chris Husbands and Bob Kerslake, Sheffield Hallam, HEPI, February 2020

How universities can help to level up towns [Article], Richard Brabner, Wonkhe, February 2020

Can universities help transform the cities and communities they inhabit? [Article], John Goodard, QS Wow News, May 2019

The Civic University: Confronting Future Challenges [Article], John Goddard, University Industry Innovation Network, November 2019

Civic University Agreements: synergies with Office for Students access and participation regulation and funding [Submission] Chris Millward, Office for Students, July 2019

Building the Civic University? Academic Outreach and Engagement in Sheffield [Journal article], Wood, Matthew, November 2019

Maximising universities’ civic contribution [Policy paper], Goddard, Hazelkorn, Upton and Boland, Wales Centre for Public Policy, November 2018